Bogdány Petrol Ltd.
Bogdány Petrol Ltd.
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Mrs. Eleonora Paka - Managing director
 +36 42 232377

Mr. Mihaly Sagi - Sales manager
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The Bogdány Petrol Ltd. is located in the northeast part of Hungary, in Nyirbogdany, within 50-60 km from three borders. (Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia) Main activity is producing and turnover of special products based on crude oil. The company has more than 100 types of products, witch are known practically 75 countries of the world. The Bogdány Petrol Ltd has ISO 9001:2000 certificate. The products are tested in accredited laboratory of factory.


1. Petroleum jelly

They are characterized by relatively high viscosity and shear strength, chemical and biological inertness and nonpolar hydrophobic nature. Because of their purity they are widely employed in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries.

2. Telephone cable filling compounds (TKT) and protective grease for ACSR twists. (Olvikor)

The telephone cable filling compounds are satisfied of various requirements depend on climate and used filling technology. The twisted steel-aluminium air conductors lubricated with Olvikor anti-corrosion grease have meet the requirements of following standards: ASTM, CSA, DIN, NFC, IEC, MSZ.

3. Special paraffin waxes (Cerelast, Plasztoflex, Niral)

They are manufactured by the most refined blend of macro and micro crystalline waxes additivated with polymer type compounds. These special paraffins are ideal for specialized application: e.g. poultry plucking wax, candle dipping wax, cosmetic grade wax, coating and impregnating wax used in paper- and wood industry etc.

4. Industrial oils (Niral)

  • aluminium cold rolling oil
  • aluminium press oil
  • high performance quenching oils
  • mould release oil for producing aerocrete concrete
  • 5. Temporary anticorrosion materials (Olvikor)

    Oils, greases, waxes and lacquers are used in the machine industry, metallurgy, construction industry and agriculture for corrosion protection of machines and equipments in the state of storing and shipping.

    6. Products for car care (Olvikor, Carrier)

    Chassis protective compounds, hollow protective compounds, engine block cleansing liquid, windscreen washing liquid, antifreeze, lead supplement.

    7. Protective lubricants for wire rope (Niral)

    Lubricants for impregnating, corrosion protective and maintenance of wire ropes.

    8. Emulsion type rubber softener (Emulgit)

    It can be used as a dispersant and inherent sliding agent in the rubber industry. It is added into mixtures of NR, IR, SBR, DR, CR, NBR, EPCM rubber.