JSCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP"
5, Shosse Entuziastov
111024 Moscow, Russia
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Dr. Evgeny Vasiliyev
General Director
/ +7 495 3616424

Mr. Vasily Nikolaev
First Deputy General Director
/ +7 495 7973050

Mrs. Anna Novikova
Deputy Director
/ +7 495 7973050

Dr. Evgenia Lenskaya
Foreign Trade Director
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Equipments Group
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JSCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP" was formed in 1997 as a result of the commercial and manufacturing organizations amalgamation.

The company is created to implement direct links between science, high-tech and production. Our aim is to supply the CIS cable industry with high-quality materials, first-class equipment, up-to-date machinery and know-how. We put forth efforts to organize production of special cable types and new generation wires

JSCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP" has its own production facilities, warehouses, motor transport and handling equipment. The company employs about 60 highly qualified specialists.

Main activities of JSCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP" are:

I. Sales of materials for the cable industry, such as:

PVC compounds (Prominvest, Vladimir Chemical Plant, Bashplast)

Halogen-free compounds (AlphaGary, Prominvest)

Optical fibre (Draka, Prysmian Group)

High temperature wire enamels (Axalta and Indian materials)

Hydrophobic Jellies (Bogdany Petrol)

Electrical insulating paper (Tervakoski)

Composite polyethylenes (Gerobplast, NURan)

Polyimide fluoroplastic films

II. Supplies of machinery, devices and instruments for the cable industry, such as::

Cold pressure welders produced by Pressure Welding Machines Ltd (Great Britain);

Equipment for cable marking and optical fibre processing systems manufactured by Medek+Schoerner GmbH (Austria);

UNIWEMA lines manufactured by Nexans Deutschland GmbH (Germany) used for production of optical power ground wires (OPGW), armouring of high-voltage cables and production of multi-layer tubes;

Precision measuring devices from Zumbach Electronic AG (Switzerland) for online monitoring and control of production;

Packaging equipment for cable products (coiling and spool winding lines) produces by PS Costruzioni Meccaniche srl (Italy)

Wire enameling machines manufactured by MAG - Maschinen und Apparatebau AG (Austria);

Machines for production and reconditioning of drawing dies manufactured by Eder Engineering GmbH (Austria);

Machinery for cable rejects recycling manufactured by Europarts Drochow GmbH (Germany) (cable granulation and separation plants, shredders, cutting mills, etc);

Second hand machines;

III. Export/import of cable goods; packaged deliveries of cable products for various branches of industry.

SCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP" supplies all kinds of wire and cable products at manufacturers' prices and on a tight schedule. We have strong scientific, technical ans commercial relations with JSC "VNIIKP" and the leading cable producers and are ready to execute orders of any complexity.

We offer:

selection of cables against Customer's specifications;

manufacturing of complex cable types together with cable works, taking into account design documentation;

production of cables with non-standard delivery lengths - in conjunction with cable works.

IV. Construction of new cable manufacturing facilities.

V. Organization of conferences, symposia and international trade fairs.

JSCcl. "Trade House of VNIIKP" is an official dealer and distributor of many cable works and world-known companies. It has strong partnership relations with more than 500 big industrial and commercial enterprises.

We develop actively and the sphere of our activities is constantly widened, new partners appear, new forward-looking directions are mastered. Visit our web-site or get in touch with us for the updated information.