Zolotarov Vladimir Mikhailovich - General Director
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Chayka Vladimir Dmitrievich - Commercial Director
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Antonets Yuriy Afanasievich - Technical Director
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Zolotaryov Vladimir Vladimirovich - Director of Foreign Economic Relations
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Solyar Grigoriy Nikolaevich - Production Director
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Shevtsov Aleksey Fedorovich - Director of Sales and Marketing
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Public Joint Stock Company YUZHCABLE WORKS is a leader in cable industry, is one of the largest producers of cable products in the CIS, more than 70 years, providing with their products thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants, oil fields and coal mines, subways and buildings, railway and urban transport companies involved in the installation of telephone systems and electrification and not only in Ukraine, but also in countries near and far abroad countries.

Today, the plant produces 18 thousand of different marktypes of various cable and wire products:

  • power cables with XLPE insulation for voltage from 6 to 330 kV inclusively;
  • cables with impregnated paper insulation voltage of 1 to 10 kV;
  • control and signal-blocking cables;
  • fiber-optic communication cables;
  • magnet wires, including enameled;
  • Self-supporting wire and protected for air power transmission lines, with integrated fiber-optic communication cables;
  • cables and wires, flame retardant with low smoke and gas emission;
  • flame retardant halogen free cables;
  • non-ferrous mill products;
  • non-insulated wires with composite core;
  • the plant supplies cable systems "turnkey".

Over the last ten years the volume of sales increased more than in four times.

Technological equipment of the plant is constantly being upgraded. While purchasing new technological and testing equipment PJSC YUZHCABLE WORKS "cooperates with leading manufacturers: Company MAG (Austria), Troester (Germany), Pourtier (France), Cortinovis (Italy), Hipotronics (USA), Maillefer Extrusion OY (Finland ), Ceeco-Bartell (USA), Niehoff (Germany) and many others.

Every year, new productions are put into operation.

It was formulated the "Quality Policy of YUZHCABLE WORKS by the managers of the company. The main objective of the team is to manufacture quality products, which meet the expectations and requirements of customers. At the company operates a quality management system ISO 9001 version 2008, and is introduced a system of environmental management in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001. The test center of cable products (central plant laboratory) is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for technical competence, and the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company (NAEC) issued a decision on the approval of the plant as a supplier of SE NAEC "Energoatom", also were received fire safety certificates for the entire product range.

Cable systems are certified by the international test center KEMA.

In recent years by the efforts of employees, the plant became the largest modern and socially responsible company using the European standards and principles of management.